Empowering your Digital Marketing to the next level.
EMP - Engagement Marketing Platform
Bringing best-of-breed marketing technologies, collaborative-working platform, and professional creative service in one place. EMP allows any marketing organization to scale-up digital marketing capability with economy-of-scale. From prototype marketing project to enterprise commercial platform, EMP can customize the best-fitted solutions.
What you're getting
Personalization makes perfection.
The more engaged users, the higher chance for a brand to conquer the market. With personalised contents in key touch-points along the user journey, EMP ensures brand’s contents and media are maximized along the conversion funnel. Organizing the audience big-data through DMP and delivering right messages at the right time through automation technology is the key to success.
Scale with speed.
Today’s marketing project life-cycle is faster than ever. First mover advantage is becoming a matter of a day or even a second. With “light development” capability together with top-notch CMS and Ads technology, EMP ensure a faster deployment time as well as a quicker response for the audiences in marketing campaigns.
The closer to audiences, the more profitable is your brand.
Establishing direct engagement with consumers enables brands to gain massive cost-efficiency in the long-run. Building engagements means your brand has abundant tractions that are readily to be monetized. Make sure you fully milk from the efforts in executing your Hero Campaign, Inbound Marketing and Direct Marketing.

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Tiger Cement by SCG
Restructuring the content management system with personalization contents and marketing campaigns.
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EMP Products
Content Marketing
Content is King in this marketing era. The key to success is not only a quality of content by itself but also the processes and tools in its creation.
Multi-Channel Content Publishing Tools
Ideal Workflow for Creator / Approver / Marketer
Content Assets Management and Maximization
Get more personal touch, from your digital touch. Personalization has proven to increase overall conversion by at least 20%. We make machine to treat human like human!
Making right message, right place, right time
On-the-fly segmentation
Native contents interaction
Invest in relationships with the users that will return maximum value to your business and brand.
Automated CRM and PEM (Prospect Engagement Management) Platform
Centralized audiences data management - Marketing / Sales / Services
Remarketing Campaign
Getting the big picture of your multi-channel media campaign with topline intel to make the right decisions.
Multi-Channel Programmatic Advertising
Single console dashboard
AI cross-channel optimization to maximize ROI
Data is the new currency. One of the most crucial elements to succeed in digital marketing is your audience data.
Connectors to top-class audience DMP to your ads DSP
Build your CDP (Customer Data Platform)
Know your user deeper. Get more personalised offers
For marketers, ready-to-digest intel is far more useful than big data. Stay ahead of your game and always be in control with analytic intel.
Campaign Analytics
Assets Analytics
Competitive Analytics
Establishing direct communication and transaction with your customers. Build sustainable business on your own tractions.
D2C (Direct to Consumers) Campaign
O2O (Offline to Online) enablements
Conversational Marketing / Chatbot Automation
Omni-Channel Commerce
Empowering your business with omni-channel commerce tools. Seamless cross-channel shopper experience delivers limitless business results.
E-Commerce integration
Omni-Channel management and Cross-Channel optimization
POS outlets integration
Our service platform enables ideal collaborative working space. Smooth operation within servicing teams and client’s cross-functional team ensures excellent execution.
Campaign Management Platform with lived tracing and approval
Advertising workflow management
Full-Service platform

WIN-WIN-WIN Scenario


One-Stop Service Marketing Platform that speaks to you in marketing language.


World-class technologies with most reliability and security. SLA included with all users training.


Flexible Investment with adjustable OPEX and CAPEX. Optimize the financial plan that suits your scope and scale.

Build your business on a future-ready platform.