NeuWorld Prediction

Client : NMG

Year : 2020

Deliverables : Digital Marketing Campaign & Microsite


An internal marketing campaign riding the wave of the pandemic situation that affects every aspect of life, including businesses. The question that often gets thrown around is "what will happen next?" And so we the future we tell! We build a microsite that let users select 4 cards and the answer is produced according to the cards selected. You can check the future of your business here!


It is a combination of minimal art that cuts down the complexity of elements, but still retains the attractiveness of the contemporary art style that's always been in the trend. Mixed with the charm of pop art that plays with the story - the elements of the familiar things in daily digital life. Blending together the lush textured gradient colors with iconic symbols that correspond to the content and meaning of each card, to convey the idea of marketing, business, and progress.