Texas Chicken Official Fan Page

Client : Texas Chicken Thailand

Year : 2018

Deliverables : Content Production & Management


Our team have pitched and won the privilege to take care of Texas Chicken Facebook fan page. Starting from original extension of brand communication strategy, to an original year plan of original creative concept and writing, through original art and design direction, we create each work with much efforts to differentiate Texas Chicken from its competitors and to achieve its brand image.

Texas Chicken personality is fun, happy, and sometimes… oddly funny!. We want everyone to feel fun & happy every time they eat, every time they see the brand. One of the strong point that the brand tries to communicate is that their chicken is ‘BIGGG!’. Then born the concept of 'miniature', which the brand wants to own at every eyeballs that our chicken is indeed very ‘BIGGG’. And on top of that, the hot red and yellow colors of Texas Chicken adds in to the fun and multiply your appetite a hundred folds!


Furthermore, in order to make the design over the top, we add an equally fun and playful tone of copywriting to every contents. Engaging mini activities are played often on our fan page for (of course), Likes Comment Shares! Always on the look out for the social trends makes the Texas Chicken an endearing brand, showing that 'chicken can be tastefully fun!'.