ECL Auto cash

Client : ECL Auto cash

Year : 2017

Deliverables : Responsive Website


A total solution to vehicle financial loans. A trustworthy place to get financial loans for all types of vehicle; super cars, super bikes, commercial trucks, sedan, to family SUV. ECL is also a place where you can find quality pre-own vehicles within the market place section of the site. From a direct request from its CEO combine with brand position research, ECL core design identity is aim towards those who are passionate with extreme speed and racing. We play with a darker overall tone with red and blue highlights combining with diagonal slashes to convey speed and sports. Complimenting with clear cut lines, flaring moving lights, the burning tire marks and smoke, also give that adrenaline rush feeling. 

The process to apply for financial solutions at ECL auto cash is fast and hassle free, therefore the website design direction combines all this together into the concept of extreme speed on sporty vehicles, 

Core design

ECL Auto Cash website serves as both a corporate marketing website as well as corporate investor relations. With its core design identity and its trustworthiness, the information must be clear and easy to access. The site provides information on ECL Auto Cash and its services along with necessary tools that would help you to achieve your financial loans.