PTT LINE & IG Officials

Client : PTT Group

Year : 2015-2017

Deliverables : Branded Content Production & Management


We were given an opportunity from PTT to manage and produce branded assets for PTT Line Official with over 40 million followers, and PTT Godji Official Instagram. Together with the full support from the clients, we were able to build and grow both of their social windows into one of the strongest and largest official accounts.


PTT Line Official “The Godji Energy Hero”, it’s time for Godji to rescue the energy world! But Godji can’t do it alone, so get ready for the fun missions that will bring everyone together to learn about energy and start saving the world.

PTT Godji Instagram“Godji the Celeb”, get up close and personal with P’Ji when off from work. The secret life of Godji will be revealed!