Client : Krungthai Panich Insurance

Year : 2017

Deliverables : Responsive Website


KPI - Krungthai Panich Insurance, is a registered company in Krungthai Bank Group that presents you with full range of all insurance-related services such as car insurance, travel insurance, personal insurance, fire hazard insurance, and many more.
The task was to redesign their corporate website from the ground up. Starting from restructuring the information architect, redefining the user journeys and experience, and modernizing the overall look and feel with mobile as a key usage. Resenting a complete information of the company and its insurance products and services that you can buy online, the website also have an update on news and events of the corporation, as well as a ‘blogging’ section featuring contents about insurances and lifestyle, and other knowledge to support their customers such as insurance fee & online payment, file a claim, finding service mechanic shop, or find a hospital that is part of their vast network of services.


Krungthai Panich Insurance have a very strong and solid corporate identity. We extract the identity of the company to promotes the brand image by using light blue, a color never been used before in insurance industry, into main core color. Use within the site are also the images depicting a modern lifestyle to boost the brand image and experience even more fresh & modern to related to the target audience.