Preaw Coffee

Client : Preaw Coffee (Sappe)

Year : 2020

Deliverables : Online Campaign & Mobile Game


Made for the new generation of women who look after their body and health, Preaw Coffee is one of the product lines of Sappe Public Company Limited. There are 4 special formulas made for specific needs, such as lowering appetite, stimulating bodily excretion, etc. Each formula can also be combined to create a delicious new taste to give you that custom freshness you've been looking for.

Preaw Coffee would like to invite women and those who are interested to join the shaking challenge event "This Summer, Get Ready to Shake with Preaw Coffee". Choose any two Preaw Coffee formulas, shake, collect points, and share! The winner is announced every week for the special prizes.


Working together with K'Pooklook, the representative of women of the new generation to enhance Preaw Coffee brand positioning. Lead colors are Preaw Red with clear light blue summer sky mimicking that hot summer with icy freshness feeling. Keeping the interaction at a minimum taps to quickly start the game that will keep track of fast you shake via your mobile Accelerometer Motion Sensor. The fast you shake, the more points you earn!