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People often neglect the problem of dry eyes and do not take good care of them. Therefore, we need to educate and emphasize the various risks associated with the condition of dry eyes. The longer lasting care, the better it is for the eyes. It's time to take serious care of your eyes today.


"Real friends care for dry eyes"

Inspired by the spirit of friendship. Those ones that will always be taking care of, protect and go through the different times together -- a long-lasting relationship. Narrated through characters of an eye and it’s pal the artificial tear, the message that Alcon can protect and provide moisture for your eyes. P’Eye - a fun and friendly character who by nature is inquisitive and always manages to bring itself in front of harms’ ways. Resembling our eyes and how we carelessly use them in our everyday lives. Jum Jeun - a glass helmet wearing character that has both charming and caring charisma. With a unique head shape of a teardrop, it possesses a very cheerful and knowledgeable characteristic who will always be there to help and to give advice.

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