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One Banpu, One Goal.

Amid COVID-19 remedy, “Banpu Group” wants to give all employees the strength and encouragement. Knowing that even though most everyone has to work from home from different hemispheres, the hearts of everyone as Banpu family is always ready in time of change with new ideas, new solutions, ready to drive towards the destination under the "One Banpu, One Goal" operating guidelines with full efficiency.

Idea Solution

The Innovative Heart of Banpu.

VIRT & NML has the opportunity to create 'THE INNOVATIVE HEART OF BANPU' Campaign Platform that allows all Banpu Group's employees to register and complete the challenges together from wherever they are around the world. Over 60 randomized missions to complete within the game to reinforce its beliefs and commitments. Banpu's Heart core mission includes Passion, Innovation, and Committed. Various game rules allow all players to enjoy working from home and at the same time have more interaction with their teams and colleagues.



Keeping with the design trend within the digital world, the layout and the design elements of the campaign and game pages are designed using Glassmorphism approach with various new colors taken from ‘The Corporate Culture of Banpu Heart’ guideline, giving it a perfect innovative look and feel that reflects Banpu as an organization. Graphic animation and interaction were done with the use of Lotties File to give the game its dynamic. Whether it be live reports of participants, Top-Love ranking, and various missions to complete, it’s a guarantee that there will always be changing and engaging activities.

Original photo by Priscilla Du Preez
Original photo by Kayra Sercan
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